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D Ruiz Masonry offers preconstruction services, which means we work closely with our clients and designers to review the construction …

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As a precursor to our masonry work, we provide light- and heavy-duty carpentry services …

Our Work

General Contracting

D Ruiz Masonry offers complete, customized preconstruction estimating, scheduling, and phasing plans. They’re what enable us to anticipate problems before they occur and help us provide the highest quality general contracting service.

D Ruiz Masonry

Masonry Restoration

D Ruiz Masonry combines the best techniques for restoring and rebuilding. We can salvage existing material and integrate new materials …

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Concrete Restoration

Concrete is an extremely durable material, which is why it’s used for a variety of applications—from sidewalks to driveways and exterior façades …

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Rainscreen Masonry

Rainscreen masonry work is designed to combat the toughest weather conditions to protect your commercial building. Rainscreen masonry works because …

Our Work

Historic Renovation

One of our many specialties is exterior renovation in period-correct masonry and woodworking. Our team of experienced professionals specialize in areas such as …